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WINE TASTING GAME - 88 wine Aromas Aromaster

Aromaster is a wine tasting educational tool
designed by professionals as a library of wine scents,

A wine tasting game with 88 liquid aromas bottles of the most common aromas found in
white and red wine, sweet and sparkling from around the world. Each bottle is numbered, and contains one of the major scents in wine.

A great wine aroma kit for wine professionals, sommeliers or  anyone who want to learn about wine.

By using Aromaster, you will develop your wine tasting skills allowing you to identify grape varieties,
winemaking techniques, the age of the wine as well as winemaking faults when present.

Price:£265.00 inc VAT (£220.83 ex vat)

Courrier Delivery : 3 to 5 days

Aromaster Content
-80 Aromas in numbered bottles of fruits, flowers and spices that can be found in wine
-14 Wine Aromas wheels of main grape varieties.
-Illustrated board of all the 88 aromas.
-World of Wine Map and 4 players metal bottles.
-Manual with rules and information on wine and wine aromas.
-Available in 11 languages

With your friends and family, develop your sense of smell while having fun.
Players compete on their ability to identify wine aromas by travelling across
the wine producing regions of the world.

“A fun grown-up guessing game. The answers are there if you want them I'm trying not to look
And incidentally, this is making me better at my job. At a wine tasting this afternoon, I found myself working on picking out the different notes of fruit and flowers in the wines, not just jotting down terms like “sweet” or “floral.” Becky Sue Epstein is Palate Press's International Editor

88 Liquid Aromas in numbered bottles The key to the scents is listed in a separate little booklet. So you can open any bottle, and try to guess what the aroma is. Very entertaining, as well as educational for a wine professional

Wine Aroma List: Fruity (White Wine)
1. lemon 2. lime 3. grapefruit 4. gooseberry 5. pear 6. apple 7. green apple 8. peach 9. melon 10. guava 11. pineapple 12. passion fruit 13. lychee 14. dry apricot 15. orange peel
Fruity (White/Red Wine) 16. banana
Fruity (Red Wine)
17. raspberry 18. blackcurrant 19. strawberry 20. blackberry 21. cherry 22. plum 23. prune
24. honeysuckle 25. hawthorn 26. orange blossom 27. linden 28. jasmine 29. acacia 30. rose 31. lavender 32. violet
33. capsicum 34. fennel 35. tomato 36. cut grass 37. dill 38. thyme39. fern 40. mint 41. hay 42. black tea 43. tobacco 44. blackcurrant leaf 45. bay leaf 46. eucalyptus
Mineral 47. iodine 48. flint 49. kerosene
Yeast 50. bread Malolactic Fermentation 51. butter Maturation in Oak Barrel
52. caramel 53. chocolate 54. toast 55. coffee 56. bacon 57. smoke 58. tar
59. vanilla 60. pepper 61. cinnamon 62. liquorice 63. nutmeg 64. clove 65. coconut 66. hazelnut
67. almond 68. oak 69. sandalwood 70. cedar 71. pine
Aged White Wine 72. quince jelly 73. honey
Aged Red Wine74. soy sauce
75. leather 76. gravy 77. mushroom 78. truffle 79. tree moss
Wine Faults
80. corked 81. sherry 82. madeira 83. vinegar
84. nail polish remover 85. rubber 86. onion 87. sweet corn 88. horse sweat

14 WIne Aromas wheels of main grape varieties

The wine aroma wheel of the most famous grape varieties with their typical aromas in both warm and cool growing conditions.
The wheel is a perfect companion in wine tasting. It will help you in the identification of the wine aromas,by simply navigating through possible categories and scents.

World of Wine Map and 4 players metal bottles
Players compete on their ability to identify wine aromas by travelling across
the wine producing regions of the world.

Aromaster is Presented in a luxurious box with locking key, 88 aromas sents in glass bottles,
a game board
representing the map of the world, 4 metal bottles for moving on the board, 14 wheels,
player manual with rules and information on wine and wine aromas.

Price:£265.00 inc VAT (£220.83 ex vat)

Courrier Delivery : 3 to 5 days

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