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Fondis Wine Master SP100
Fondis SP100 Wine Cellar temperature

All refrigeration units come with a 2 years warranty.

All prices include VAT





The Wine SP100 with 2500w offers substantial cooling power and is designed for cellar volume of up to 100m³.
The conditioner consist of two elements which are connected to each other: One which is located inside the cellar and the other is situated outside.

-Easy to use Electronic Thermostat with digital display
.-Dust filter for easy maintenance.

-Heating function-R 407c CFC-free ecological coolant gas-Fan controlled electricity.
Connection between the two units is easy done with a 4.5 metres long flexible section of only 50mm diameter. The main unit is kept on the cellar floor and the external unit, much smaller, can be fitted on the wall outside the building. Only one 50mm diameter hole is needed for the duct to be fitted.

Price: £4485.00 inc. vat.



WINE SP100- 8

Installation inside cellar with 8 metres ventilation duct. Cooling for cellar volumes up to 100m 3 .This split refrigeration unit has 2 units. The cold part of the unit is situated in the cellar and the warm side can be situated up to 8 metres away from the cellar.  The two units are connected by a hose.

Price: £5190.00 inc. vat.

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C50 IN
Cellar Door with Frame


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